Mario Furloni picture

Mario Furloni is a Brazilian filmmaker and cinematographer based in Oakland, CA. He is the director of the documentary First Friday, and cinematographer and co-producer in the ITVS funded documentary The Return, by Loteria Films,  both in production. Most recently he shot the documentary After My Garden Grows, by Academy Award winning filmmaker Megan Mylan. Mario studied documentary filmmaking at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, where he was a Carnegie-Knight News21 fellow, and his documentary / journalism work has appeared on PBS and TIME, among others. His film Pot Country (co-directed with Kate McLean), won Best Documentary at the USA Short Film Festival (2012), was official selection at Hot Docs (2012), Big Sky (2011) and a national finalist for the 2012 Student Academy Awards.

Contact: mariofurloni@gmail.com | (910) 269.7370